Lodge officers for 2022

The Abbot Lichfield team of officers for 2022 will be conducting the business and other matters of the lodge.

W.Bro. S.J. Hillard Master
W.Bro. N. Nichols, LGR I.P.M.
W.Bro. P.T. Griffiths, PPrGSuptWks S.W.
W.Bro. J. Inwood, PPrAstStdB J.W.
Bro. A. Scarrat Chaplain
W.Bro. S. Brotherton, PPrSGD Treasurer
W.Bro. L.D. Hill, PPrGReg Secretary
W.Bro. J.L.C. Ridgers, JP PJGD D.C.
W.Bro. M.G. Muse, PPrAGDC Almoner
W.Bro. S.B. Brotherton, PPrSGD Charity Steward
W.Bro. P.T. Griffiths, PPrGSuptWks Membership Officer
W.Bro. N.J.R. Nichols, LGR Mentor
Bro. R. Robinson S.D.
Bro. J. Fenell J.D.
W.Bro. M.G. Muse, PPrAGDC Asst. D.C.
Bro. S. Bull Asst. Secretary
Bro. J. Fennel Inner Guard
W.Bro. L.D. Hill, PPrADC Preceptor
W.Bro. S. Tugwell, PrGStwd Preceptor
Bro. A. Young Chief Steward
Bro. T. Williams Steward
Bro. M. Grygorov Steward
Bro. P. Smith Steward
Bro. G. Jones Steward
Bro. P. Humphrey Steward
Bro. S. Worton Steward
Bro. M. Scollay Steward
W.Bro. J. Parnell, PPrJGD Tyler
Preceptor of the Lodge of Instruction
W.Bro. N.P. Nicolls, PPrSD Prov. Representative
All Past Masters Prov Library & Museum Rep
W.Bro. S.J. Hillard Eve Masonic Hall Co Rep
W.Bro. J.L.C. Ridgers, PJGD Information Officer
Guest Organist